Day 1 / 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Lost Frames is a screening event that features video and film from artists whose works occupy the margins or interstices across the vast field of moving images. From its origins inside a small screening room in Cubao, Lost Frames has gathered more than 50 filmmakers, animators, designers, and visual artists through regular screenings held since 2015. Each screening event includes talks by artists and a discussion with the viewers and other participants. This format of presenting and discussing works is deemed necessary and highlights dialogue as a vital part of the viewing experience, which is geared towards developing a community where anyone can participate and put forward artistic, practical, or social concerns. From its initial attempts to future regular screenings, Lost Frames aims to adhere to this simple format, which is discovery through viewing, and understanding through discussions.

As part of The Unconfined Cinema for Art Fair Philippines, Lost Frames adopts the idea of ‘current video practices & video art’ in presenting works that seek to re-create the form, which coincides with the program’s aim to explore the evolution of Philippine Cinema and current film practices as part of the broader spectrum of art and the moving image.